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2018 brings a lot of great things!

2018 brings a lot of great things!
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I don't know why I continue to say I'm never going to do something because I usually end up doing it. Like making pillows. I have tried making and selling pillows for years with varying degrees of success. The basic problem is: people do not like to buy pillowcases without the forms. I totally get it. It's a pain to have to buy two components of something, then put it together, and THEN enjoy it. It's so much nicer to just open a box and toss that fully put together pillow on your sofa, chair, or bed! 

Buying bulk pillow forms, in order to offer them at a reasonable price to you, means needing a LOT of storage room. I got tired of having huge boxes of pillows strewn about my house. 

Things are about to change in my life- bringing with the change, a lot more room. So guess what's happeninggggggg.... pillow form storage! Pillow form storage = pillows!

The minute I made a bandana with one of my block print designs, I thought, "this would make a really cute pillow!" but I was still in my anti-pillow-selling frame of mind, so I put the thought aside. 

I made some mock-ups and gave them to relatives for Christmas. They're big and fluffy and so super cute. I'm working on a revised version of what I pictured here, so some more things need to come together. But look towards the spring for all your desert plants and animal themed bandana pillows! That's my goal!

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  • Laura McCann: March 30, 2018

    Could you lmk when you have your pillows available for sale? I saw them at the blanton but wanted a different color.

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