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Excitement and growing pains

Salt basin dunes at the base of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas
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If I'm totally honest, I didn't think through how much work and time starting a new business would be! It's really exciting, don't get me wrong, but when I envisioned it I was looking at the big, glorious picture, not the tedious details that seem to take forever. But I'm making progress and feel like I've rounded a corner and see the finish line.

I was so inspired by trips out to West Texas that it changed my creative mindset almost instantly. I don't know how to describe it other than something unlocked in me and I was able to manifest some loose ideas that had been bouncing around in my head, with nothing tethering them. The themes of nature, travel, and adventure really got me going and I knew I had to move beyond my other business ( 

Last week I spent 5 days out in West Texas. Marathon, Big Bend, Alpine, a quick drive through Marfa, Davis Mountains, Balmorhea, and half a day going out to the salt basin dunes at the base of the Guadalupe Mountains. It was lots of driving, but the kind I love-- quiet highways and ranch roads, wide open spaces, and destinations so worth the time to get there. 

The lonely little Salt Flats Cafe, where cars and trucks whiz by at 75 miles an hour. Salt Flats Cafe, Salt Flats Texas

Dark, stormy drive between Marfa and Valentine, Texas. I stopped here to eat a brownie and enjoy the sky and rain.

Picnic area between Marfa and Valentine, Texas West Texas

I came back with a better grip on priorities, more ideas, and a lot of "product shots" because I worked quite a bit on the trip as well!


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