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I forgot I had a blog...

I forgot I had a blog...
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I know! That's so crazy! I don't think anyone is looking at this anyway... but just in case... 

It's been a whirlwind of activity in the last 6 months. In December 2018 I bought a new film camera and my photography life was resurrected from the near-dead. The camera I have used for nearly 30 years, the plastic lens Holga, was not doing it for me anymore. I felt so limited with it. My new Pentax 67 woke me up! 

From mid December through March 2019 I went on many small road trips, exploring small towns in the region and meeting some really interesting people. I process the film at home in the bathroom and then shoot the negatives with my digital camera to put into Photoshop to invert them. It's a cheater way of getting photographs that I'm quite delighted to be able to do! My darkroom is still far from being a reality, so this gives me a way to see images without all the hours spent in a wet lab. 

After seeing the collection of photos that was building up rapidly, I decided to self publish a book. Why not? Are they the best photos I've ever taken or will take? Probably not, but life is short and this was fun. 

Books are printed and selling! As of today, I have a weekend of the West Austin Studio Tour to get through before I can sit down and spend a week updating my website to include all the new things-- both matted photographs and the book! 

Stay tuned. 



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