Screen printed bandanas

Screen printed bandanas using images I've carved for block prints, turn art into function! 

These can used as bandanas- for flair, or wear, or to wipe the sweat off during a long hike... or they can be seen in a more romantic way; what I like to call West Texas Prayer Flags. Traditional Tibetan prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Fabric flags carry prayers and mantras, blown by the wind to spread goodwill across the land. My version is colorful bandanas with screen printed designs of nature to string up and let the wind carry the good vibes of peace, protection, love of life and wild spaces. 

I prewash the bandanas, screen print the designs using fabric ink, then heat set so they can be washed and soften up over time. There will be slight variations in the designs due to the handmade nature of the process.