Block printed wrap skirts

So... what's the saying? "I bit off more than I could chew"?? That would describe this project. I LOVE these skirts, but they take me forever to make because I'm not a clothing designer. I'm also switching from block printing some designs to screen printing- a much faster process. So the skirts are on hold till spring 2018, when you want to put on a skirt anyway! I'm working on a version with an elastic band in the back, for those who fear the wrap skirt. Hope the wait will be worth it.

If you're in Austin, come out to the Cherrywood Art Fair Dec 9-10th- I'll have my current selection of skirts there for sale!

My favorite skirt is a vintage, cotton wrap around skirt. I love it because it fits no matter how my size fluctuates, it's super comfortable, and it's always flattering. I drafted a simple pattern based on it so I could make unique, fun, and artistic skirts decorated with my hand block printed designs. Explore the collection and find the perfect skirt for your next adventure!

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