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8x10 Rattlesnake relief print

8x10 Rattlesnake relief print
8x10 Rattlesnake relief print

Please note: I'm switching over to using oil-based ink for the blacks in my relief prints- which results in a better image, but also takes a little longer to dry! *Unless noted, please allow 3 weeks for your order to get to you. I try to keep you updated during the process so you don't think I forgot about you.

Printed on heavyweight, acid-free printmaking paper
8x10 - easy to slip in a frame, fun to hang as a set!
Each print is hand-pressed, making them all slightly different, that's the fun of relief printing!

What is relief printing?

I use a soft, rubbery block to carve the relief of the design I want to print. What's carved away becomes the negative space, where ink is not going to make an impression on paper. For now I do not have a press, I use body weight and a baren to press the design onto the paper.

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