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Prickly Pear block print

Prickly Pear block print

Please note: I'm switching over to using oil-based ink for the blacks in my relief prints- which results in a really nice, clean image, but also takes a little longer to dry! Please allow 3 weeks for your order to get to you. I try to keep you updated during the process so you don't think I forgot about you.

Printed on 11x14, soft white, heavyweight, acid-free watercolor paper

I think large agave plants are Nature's perfection- look how hearty the voluptuous daggers are, and how seemingly symmetrical the plant grows. I based my design on a huge agave I took a photo of, stylizing it to make a more graphic image. Because I hand print the design, and there are 2 colors involved under the black design, each print is unique in small variations. (at the bottom of the listing I explain block printing if you want to know about the process)

**I used to offer different colors of background paper, but simplified it to my favorite: a warm white. If you're ordering this to match a previous print you've purchased from me and want to make sure it's the same paper, please get in touch with me and I'll help you out!

Mailed flat via USPS Priority shipping

What is block printing?

I use a soft, rubbery block to carve the relief of the design I want to print. What's carved away becomes the negative space, where ink is not going to make an impression on paper. I use water-based ink and you can feel the raised markings- it's very tactile. For now I do not have a press, I use body weight and a baren to press the design onto the paper. I kind of love doing work that I could still do without electricity! 

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