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11x14 Roadrunner relief print

11x14 Roadrunner relief print
11x14 Roadrunner relief print
11x14 Roadrunner relief print

PLEASE NOTE: this particular design was just printed and will be shipped when the ink is dry, which I estimate to be around Dec 15th, allowing time to get to you before the holidays. If ordered with other items, I will ship the rest of your order first, then mail the print or prints to you with no additional shipping fee!  

This print is a hand-pressed relief print on 11x14, soft white, heavyweight, acid-free watercolor paper. Since I press each one individually, there are slight variations in images.

Paper size is 11x14 which is a standard frame size. Sometimes you can find 16x20 frames that come with mats with 11x14 openings. *FRAME NOT INCLUDED

Because I use thick paper and oil, this print can be displayed without a frame. See images for examples-- it's a nice, easy way to get art up on the wall with almost no fuss. These magnetic frames are inexpensive and available through many vendors on Amazon and art stores. Look for "magnetic poster frames" and find the size you need. For 14x11 horizontal prints, choose a 14" size frame, for 11x14 vertical prints, look for 11" frames. While the oil will not run if exposed to moisture, it's still on paper so I wouldn't recommend hanging in a bathroom or kitchen. 

What is block printing/releif printing?

I use a soft, rubbery block to carve the relief of the design I want to print. What's carved away becomes the negative space, where ink is not going to make an impression on paper. I use oil-based ink and you can feel the raised markings- it's very tactile. For now I do not have a press, I use body weight and a baren to press the design onto the paper. 

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