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 Please choose either 2x or 3x mask quantity from the order menu and type in your fabric design and size. Don't forget the size!

2x masks $34.00 ($17 each)
3x masks $45.00 ($15 each)

This is the easiest way I could deal with keeping track of inventory- sorry it's so round-about.  

Always feel free to contact me with questions!  


This is not a medical-grade face mask. I researched as much as I could to make the best offering, but they’re still just a double layer of cotton.

This style of mask is to help protect others in case you carry the virus either asymptomatically or are not showing signs of being infected yet. These masks will provide a small amount of protection for you against someone else in close contact who is not wearing a mask, but not much from what I've read from doctors and scientists. Adding a filter provides another level of protection to others, and might provide a small degree of protection for yourself. I highly recommend reading up on mask-wearing: why, when, where, and best practices!

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