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Velcro wallets

Velcro wallets
Velcro wallets
Velcro wallets
Velcro wallets

The saga of the wallets.... "Liz, you should make wallets!"

I tried. Over and over- I have made so many different kinds of wallets, and I finally reached the conclusion that I don't want to make them. They take way too much effort for what I can sell them for! 

This is one that I thought would be much easier to make and finally make me a wallet-maker. Nope. Yes, the construction is simple, but there's too much precision needed to make it all come together, and I don't have the patience. 

I've used one like this for a couple of years and thought it's showing wear, it's held up shockingly well!

Get one while you can... the era of thinking I should make wallets has come to a permanent end!

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