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Shipping is free for all orders!

Typically I need 2 weeks to complete your order and then get it in the mail (so add shipping time to that), but that's set only to give me time to work around other orders and life in general. I do my best to hurry things along and get your order out to you sooner!

If I can mail it First Class, I will, otherwise larger packages will ship USPS Priority Mail. I will send shipping information that will include tracking, but of course- once it leaves my hands, it's up to the Post Office!


Orders MUST be placed by DEC 1st to ensure timely delivery! 

As a reminder: I make all of this stuff! Just me!
When I get a lot of orders in, I have to put them in a queue so I include that span of time in my shipping turn-around time. Of course, I try to get things out as soon as possible. 

Due to their increased business during the holiday season, their shipping times are not guaranteed (especially from where I am- I usually add at least a day even to Priority shipping). USPS is asking for all holiday mail to be mailed by Dec 15th to ensure deliver, therefore I need the 2 weeks prior to complete holiday orders and why Dec 1st is my cut off date! 

Thank you for understanding! And please reach out with any concerns!

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