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Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE

Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE
Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE
Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE
Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE
Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE
Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE
Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE
Red bandana MEDIUM & LARGE

The following is a LOT of info: I hope it answers all your questions!

–> PLEASE NOTE: the bandana cotton is so thin I made the filter pocket from denim - making it a little heavier than 2 layers of regular cotton- please be aware of this if you choose to have the sewn-in filter layer. This is an order option with no additional cost. Details on the sewn-in filter below*. 

Fabric is 100% cotton and pre-washed with scent-free detergent.
*If choosing the sewn-in filter option: I used a single layer of polyester stretch chiffon between the two layers of cotton. This fabric was chosen based on what I could find online as a suitable filter. This filter WILL make the mask thicker and slightly harder to breathe through. Think of the difference between a strainer with large holes and a strainer with a more tightly woven mesh... I decided to offer this choice for those who need masks in an environment where they have to be inside and closer to people.

Discounts for multiple orders: 
Please order from this page: QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and choose either 2x masks for $34.00 ($17 ea) or 3x masks for $45 ($15 ea) and add your fabric selection and size in the order notes!

Always feel free to contact me with questions! 

Each order contains a mask, nose wire and a spare, and care and use directions.

I studied up on elements to make this the most comfortable and practical for longer wear, since I first made them for friends, family, and community who needed them for work. Please see my photo illustration if you want to modify the ties into ear loops. I sewed a little open-ended nose wire sleeve so you can choose to use it or not. A filter pocket is for those who want to add a layer of protection.

General fit guidelines:
Medium tends to fit women and teens
Large tend to fit men
*Masks shown on the mannequin head are all medium and shown on a smaller face than average.

If you prefer over-the-ear-elastic and feel motivated to alter your mask, you can pull out the ties, thread elastic through the end sleeves, knot elastic to your desired fit, and pull the knot into the sleeve to hide it. You can also cut the long tie at the top, creating two ribbons to tie to behind ears to fit. The ties are made from recycled knit ribbon with minimal stretch but will work as ear loops. See the illustration in photos!

Washing instructions:
Remove nose wire if machine washing. I provide a backup metal strip, but if you lose both you can use pipe cleaner, heavy-duty twist ties, or wire.

Tie the knit ties in a bow before washing to avoid having them slip out of their side sleeves

Machine: High heat/ high dry*
Or- hand wash and hang to dry 

*After machine drying: if mask is super wrinkled or crunched up, dampen by spritzing water on it and use your hands to “iron” it out, smoothing and lightly pulling fabric - or use an actual iron (but who wants to do that?)

Packaging: Each mask will be packaged in a sealed clear plastic bag with fit and washing instructions enclosed. If ordering multiples I will package them all together. If you’re purchasing to give to others and want separate packaging, please note that on your order- I’m happy to do that for you.


This is not a medical-grade face mask. I researched as much as I could to make the best offering, but they’re still just a double layer of cotton.

This style of mask is to help protect others in case you carry the virus either asymptomatically or are not showing signs of being infected yet. These masks will provide a small amount of protection for you against someone else in close contact who is not wearing a mask, but not much from what I've read from doctors and scientists. Adding a filter provides another level of protection to others, and might provide a small degree of protection for yourself. I highly recommend reading up on mask-wearing: why, when, where, and best practices!

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