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Jackalope on dark red vinyl

Jackalope on dark red vinyl
Jackalope on dark red vinyl
Jackalope on dark red vinyl
Jackalope on dark red vinyl
Jackalope on dark red vinyl

*NOTE* this item is handmade and takes up to 2 weeks to complete and ship, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive. I will do my best to keep you updated on the turn around time but feel free to email me if you're concerned:

height: 9 inches
length: 13.5"
bottom width: 3"
top zipper length = 11"
adjustable strap from 34"–62" ** size it to fit a child, wear it super long or short! So many ways!

This is the medium size of my cross body bags styles. To me, it's the perfect everyday size. With a zipper top, a large, zippered outside pocket, an open top pocket on the back, and two open pockets on the lining, you are sure to get organized! The adjustable strap is made fairly long so you can choose the length that fits your body and preference. I used unbleached cotton for the lining so that it's not like looking into a black pit when you open your bag! It's also very easy to clean by pulling out and hand washing in the sink.

I designed all the applique images I use for this style, then hand cut them out of the vinyl, and use a reverse applique method to add color and pattern.

The mythical desert jackalope... only seen in the imagination, but doesn't seem impossible. I mean, have you ever seen a jackrabbit? They look like they're made up from many different animals so seeing one with antlers doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. I used tan vinyl to create the body of this reverse applique, and light grey for his antlers. The little poof of tail is FAKE fur, rest easy. I put it on a dark red vinyl to make the large zipper pocket on the front. The rest of the purse is black vinyl.

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