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Javelinas wristlet

Javelinas wristlet
Javelinas wristlet
Javelinas wristlet
Javelinas wristlet
Javelinas wristlet
Javelinas wristlet

I designed a repeat pattern of little javelinas and the prickly pears they love to eat- the pattern is random, so the bag shown may not be exactly what you receive. I will always cut it so that at least one prickly pear shows! As of Nov 26th, I have enlarged the pattern a bit and ordered more fabric- so if you like this, but want a little more detail in the javelina, just wait! It should be available near the end of December. 

Dimensions: (measured from the inner seams)

height: 6 inches
length: 7"
strap length: 12 inches
flat construction
top zipper length = 6.5"
oil cloth zipper pocket length = same
** a large phone WILL fit, but you have to slide it in at an angle, just FYI.

Oil cloth pocket back: please choose a color you'd like from the list! If nothing is chosen, the default is white floral. Please note that I won't be always cut the exact floral designs shown, but will always make it colorful and pretty!

This style is made using custom printed fabric based on my block print designs! I put the images on a medium grey background to make the fabric easier to take care of (dirt-wise). Other than the strap and the cotton front, the entire bag is made with vinyl, so it's very easy to take care of and clean. If it gets well-loved, just dunk it in a sink with mild detergent, press dry between a towel, air dry and iron the front if needed. 

The size is great for when you just want to step out for a good time with the bare necessities, but it's also perfect to put in your larger bag as a makeup bag, another organizer, or to have on you when you travel so that you can pull out the small clutch and step out on the town!

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