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11x14 Blue Agave relief print

11x14 Blue Agave relief print
11x14 Blue Agave relief print

Printed on 11x14, soft white, heavyweight, acid-free watercolor paper with water-based ink.

I based my design on a huge agave I took a photo of, stylizing it to make a more graphic image. Because I hand print the design, and there are 2 colors involved, each print is unique in small variations. (at the bottom of the listing I explain block printing if you want to know about the process)

**I used to offer different colors of background paper, but simplified it to my favorite: a warm white. If you're ordering this to match a previous print you've purchased from me and want to make sure it's the same paper, please get in touch with me and I'll help you out!

What is block printing/relief printing?

I use a soft, rubbery block to carve the relief of the design I want to print. What's carved away becomes the negative space, where ink is not going to make an impression on paper. I use water-based ink and you can feel the raised markings- it's very tactile. For now I do not have a press, I use body weight and a baren to press the design onto the paper. I kind of love doing work that I could still do without electricity! 

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