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pom pom bags: retro

pom pom bags: retro
pom pom bags: retro
pom pom bags: retro

This listing is for one of the bags shown- not all. Just to be clear.

NOTE: I forgot to shoot a photos of the lining- 
The retro kids in space has a colorful patterned, cotton lining
The mid-century design has a green cotton lining with kind of a hatch-mark pattern
Trust me-they both "match" in a non-matchy-match way.

The sale page I set up is to hold this sort of thing-- a design I played around with a few years ago, using some of my vintage pom pom trim! I love that trim... but the bags are not my usual- made from commercial fabrics, not custom work- cute, but just not my thing anymore.

These are left from the wreckage of the first year of the pandemic- when I had them in a local shop that couldn't survive the shut downs. I've had them boxed up ever since.

Please refer to the photos for all details. These are flat-construction, soft-bodied, fabric bags with adjustable black web straps. The straps are kind of crunched from storage- I'll try to straighten them before shipping. The material will relax over time.

These are priced to move! Excellent gift for a child (or you).

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