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Small ocotillo screen print on 12x18 paper

Small ocotillo screen print on 12x18 paper
Small ocotillo screen print on 12x18 paper

While experimenting on how to get the relief print images I carve onto other surfaces (like fabric and metal), I found that having screens burned to screen print the images was the way to go. Then I decided to make prints and add some hand embellished elements to give them all a unique look. This is one of the end results: a screen print of the relief print image I carved, hand painted so that each one is a little different!

I used water-based ink to print on a thick, acid-free, watercolor paper that's 12" wide and 18 inches long. It's a good standard size so you can easily pick up a frame to put it in. This is the smaller of the two screen-printed ocotillos, if you want a larger version check out the 18x24 inch size click here.

Ocotillos change with the rain more than the season, turning from what looks like a bunch of dead sticks to bushy green, blooms range from orange to bright red, to a deep red. They're a magical part of the desert and I've never met a person who doesn't love them!

*A relief print is made using a carved block that was created by carving out the negative space, leaving the positive space to pick up ink to transfer to a surface. A screen print is made by pulling ink through a stretched screen that has the negative space blocked out so that the ink can flow through the open mesh where the design is!

Prints are mailed flat

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